To cover big working areas it is easier to use a railway system for the Y and X axis to be able to transport objects even further. We are usually recommending aluminium railways, because you need less energy for the transport and they are quieter and more flexible.

Since aluminium crane profiles are very light and still stable, they are guaranteeing combined with light carriages and equal weight on each of the carrying rolls, a perfect smooth run and excellent ergonomics. In contrary to crane systems made of sheet steel you only need to accelerate, move and slow down half of the weight with a aluminium rail system.

There are four profile types available, although we use for all profiles only one carriage type and one suspension type. For the profile S, M and L, there is only one type of end stops. The design is for a maximal bending of f < I/500. The advantages of a aluminium rail system are the easier and cheaper installation and the possibilities of expansion. The combination of aluminium rail systems and carriages with roller bearings for a lower friction makes a reliable, durable and low-maintenance unit.

Almost every handling device in our program can be installed into a rail system. The manipulators VECTOR can be working manually or with a drive in a rail with one axis (axis X). A rail bridge with one carrier is suitable for a VECTOR VS to let it work in two axes (X / Y). The vertical stroke devices VECTOR linear or the storage and retrieval unit IHF-Depomat need a rail bridge with two carrier. They can be working manually or with a drive.

The handling and the rail systems are connected by ceiling carriages. The devices can either be turned as a whole or have a turnable gripping device. The ceiling carriage is able to drive under a rail bridge or directly under the railway.

The railway is hanging off a steel construction with a few fixings. The model of the steel construction usually depends on the structural requirements. We distinguish between elevated steel constructions and constructions that are hanging down from the roof truss of the hall. Less usual are projecting editions from the hall support.

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