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Light parts often need to be moved fast and flexible, but for some reason a railway system cannot be used.


The articulated arm SK4 has a working radius of 4 m and a load capacity of 75 kg. In shorter editions are even higher load capacities possible.


The crane consists of a inner and outer arm made of hollow aluminium profiles. The arms are connected to the roller bearing by a pivot intermediate piece. This piece makes it possible to swivel the outer around the inner arm up to 180°. The whole covered surface can be used as working range. This way you have an working area of up to 13,5 m². Since the stroke drive and control are close to the main rotation axis it reduces the moment of inertia. The suspension rope of the stroke drive goes above the arms and then down.

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The articulated arm SK is installed on a column, which is fixed to the ground. As alternative it could be hanging from a steel construction as well. Even a reconstruction is possible. The crane is able to stop in a position by using pneumatic disc brakes. A pneumatic stroke drive and the central compressed air feed make it possible that the SK can be turned around the column without stopping. An electrical stroke drive needs a rotation stop to protect the supply pipe.

 vector vs_sk5

We recommend the smooth running cable stroke device VECTOR VS as pneumatic stroke drive. They are available with a load capacity between 55 kg and 125 kg. The stroke direction and speed can be either controlled by two buttons analog through an Up-Down control or by using the balance control.


Image on the left:

The articulated arm SK5 has a working range of ca. 5 m. The device in this illustration is installed on a movable floor panel and it is equipped with a gripping device for batteries.




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