Greifmittel für KLT-Kästen

The IHF-JUNGENTHAL Handhabungsgeräte GmbH offers many different handling units, but it can still be useless if you do not have the fitting gripping or load suspension device.


The load suspension device is the connection between your specific workpiece and the handling unit. This is why we are designing and manufacturing the load suspension devices for almost each customer, so it is optimal for their specific object. Only for common container and boxes we have got standardized load suspension devices.



The gripping devices are working mechanically, electrically or pneumatically. The workpiece can be hold in- or outside with friction- and/or interlock. Other models are working with vacuum or magnets.


Besides the examples here you can find more in the category 'industries'.


Greifmittel für Getriebegehäuse  Greifmittel für Batterienverstellbare Vakuumtraverse für Bleche Magnetgreifmittel für Ziehdorne









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