We developed a lifting device to load and unload shelves with small and medium workloads. The IHF-Depomat is suitable even for eccentric loads.

By using a railway system made of aluminium (Y / X axis) you can easily move the load through three axes. The Z axis can be turned around 330°. The load capacity differs between 125 kg and 400 kg, while the effective stroke is between 1,5 m and 5,0 m depending on each model.


The stroke speed and direction can be controlled by a turning bar through a electrical control. Additionally the stroke speed can be initiated continuously and every position is fast and sensitive approachable. The height of the turning bar stays constant, independent of the position of the gripping device.

The IHF-Depomat is delivered as a whole unit including a lifting carriage for the gripping device and the control elements of the lifting and load suspension device. The most frequent purpose is the loading and unloading of shelves. In other cases they are used to move platforms, ceramics and cardboard packaging. There are no limits for the use and function of load suspension devices. They can work as interlocking load spreader, as pneumatic gripping device or with vacuum






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