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The mobile storage and retrieval unit IHF-Storomat is an universal stroke device. Even though it has a lower load capacity and moment than usual electrical fork lift trucks, it is more flexible being smaller and lighter.

Depending on the model the device has a load capacity of 125 kg to 250 kg, a load moment of 950 Nm to 2.500 Nm and a effective stroke of 1,5 m to 2,5 m.

A version without the supporting feet in front makes it possible to drive close to machines, pallets or shelving.

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The welded frame of the IHF-Storomat is made of stable steel tubing. Because of a long stroke carriage and optimised guidance in the mast gets the device a high maximal load moment. The unit has got two fixed rolls in front and two steering rolls with locking devices in the back. Two robust handles make the steering easy.

A hydraulic cylinder pulls up the stroke carriage with two rolling chains. The stroke speed can be continuously controlled and the hydraulic overload protection is adjustable. There is an automatical turn off signal for the hydraulic pump when the device reaches the end position.
A maintenance-free, high-quality 12 V-Gel-Battery with high capacity produced in Western Europe supplies the hydraulic pump with energy. The electronic is reliable and even avoids any extreme discharges. The case also contains a matching charger, a charging stand display as well as a standardized plug connection (IEC C13/14).





You can find an article about this on handling.de.





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