VECTOR linear für Ventile

We developed the VECTOR linear to cover a big working range and/or to move heavy load. In combination with the rail system for the X and Y axes allows the stroke axis a direct and smooth movement of load in all three axes. The stroke device is built of telescoping aluminium profiles. In special cases we also use square tube made of steel. The vertical movement is working through a smooth running pneumatic cylinder or a continuously controllable electric gear motor.


There can be a gripping device mounting, a swivel drive or a gripping device attached to the flange of the telescope. The particular execution depends on the task.


The stroke device VECTOR linear is installed under a ceiling carriage and

vector linear e 1

can be turned around the vertical axis. The ceiling carriage can be driven under a rail bridge (Y axis) and the rail bridge under a railway (X axis). Usually it will be controlled manually or depending on the weight of the load by a friction wheel drive. The railway is hanging off a steel construction.












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