VECTOR by IHF-JUNGENTHAL simplifies work sequences

VECTOR helps loads to be lifted, lowered, moved, swivelled and brought into an optimum working position by the operator with a low expenditure of force.

IHF-JUNGENTHAL provides economical and individual solutions for a multitude of handling problems for many applications. VECTOR is installed as an upright or overhead unit. The working range can be extended by an additional overhead carriage.

vector_startseiteThe arm and the gripping device can be moved in all axes. This guarantees 3 degrees of movement which can be extended to 8 by a swivel, rotary and travel unit. Every position is reachable. The arm design is based on the pantograph or crank arm principle and is suitable for different loads. In addition to individual customer specific solutions, IHF-JUNGENTHAL also offers a comprehensive range of standard handling systems. Depending on the type, the operating range can be conceived for radii of up to 3.600 mm. These systems are individually equipped with gripping devices.

Pneumatic drive and control for easy operation

A pneumatic low friction linear drive treats the VECTOR movement with care. With the up/down control (AS) the load is lifted and lowered by activating the manual lever.The balance control (BS) enables the

vector_startseite1load to follow the manual movement of the operator. A force ratio of 1:40 makes it possible to move heavy loads with low expenditure of force. Up to 4 loads can be set in the load memory and activated by pressing a button. The auto load sensing measures and balances automatically the weight of the load. This control allows the handling of any load size, without manual adjustments being necessary.

A firm grip on every problem


We design the individual solutions for your handling problems. All types of loads can be transported and positioned with external, internal and vacuum systems gripping devices. The gripping device loaded with the optimum pressure guarantees safe handling, your product is gripped carefully. Manually or pneumatically driven rotary or swivel units allow the load to be guided into any desired position.

We offer tried and tested solutions in the form of a large number of different gripping devices. For example, external gripping devices with a clamping width of up to 1.500 mm, external gripping devices for pressure-sensitive goods or high-temperature loads can be used, depending on individual requirements.



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