Design and construction of customized handling systems since 1980.

Fields of application


In the automotive branch handling systems offer great benefits by improving working conditions and increasing productivity.

Sheet metals

Sheet metals are usually picked up by vacuum technology. To grip sheet steel also magnets can be used.


Handling of barrels is possible using our handling device VECTOR combined with different types of grippers.


Handling systems from IHF facilitate lifting and stacking of boxes.


Handling of reels – for example by using the manipulator type VECTOR V125.


The handling systems VECTOR, as shown above for lifting of bags, optimize your work-flow and let you handle heavy loads easily.


We have the know how

Our designers, project managers and technical specialists provide a continuing service of your project – from the first draft to the handover.

ISO Certification

IHF-JUNGENTHAL delivers constant high quality due to the quality management following ISO 9001:2015 and a large share of in-house production.

Able to compete

Our wide product range we can solve your task fast and economically – starting at a precise date and with exactly calculated costs.

Own fabrication

The supply of spare parts, originally manufactured by IHF-JUNGENTHAL, is guaranteed for a period of at least 10 years.

Handling systems from IHF-JUNGENTHAL can be transferred, modified or extended. Therefore, you are able to act flexibly on new requirements.

40 years of experience

Working with us, you benefit from our years of experience and successful completion of thousands of applications, while we develop and manage your customized product according to your wishes and ideas.

Customer support

After installation our specialists are always at your disposal for standby, education, periodical examination, maintenance and repair.

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