Handling. Lagern. Heben

IHF-JUNGENTHAL develops, designs and produces various types of handling systems. We are a middle-sized family-run business with longstanding expertise located in Kirchen (Sieg), Germany. Our team of designers, technical specialists and project managers is specialized to provide you with a handling solution customized perfectly to your needs.

We manufacture in our own fabrication the pneumatic manipulator VECTOR. The arm design is based on either the pantograph or crank arm principle depending on the task at hand.

To move heavier workloads and to cover greater working areas the lifting system VECTOR linear is used. Mounted to a trolley, which moves in a rail-system along the horizontal axis X and Y, VECTOR linear also covers the vertical axis Z. The wide delivery program contains pneumatic and electric handling systems with different load capacities and strokes.

The pneumatic cable balancer VECTOR VS facilitates hand-guided movement of lightweight workloads. VECTOR VS can either be fixed to a rail system or to a jib crane.

The smooth running Swivelling-Jib-Crane SK is made from aluminium. Due to its radius of up to 5 m the SK covers a wide working area. Lifting motions are provided by the pneumatic cable balancer VECTOR VS.

For use in the warehouse we offer the electric storage and retrieval unit IHF-Depomat. It can be moved in a rail-system on the ceiling. The electro-hydraulic compact lift truck IHF-Storomat can be moved freely on the floor.

A handling solution is always completed by its endeffector or gripping device. The construction of the gripper will be specially designed and manufactured as required by the work piece and your suggestions. The gripping devices are mechanically, pneumatically or electrically driven; they work with form closure or friction, vacuum or magnet. We can draw on a lot of realised solutions.

It is always the goal to deliver complete handling systems including a structural steel construction and rail system ready-to-use. With IHF-JUNGENTHAL you have a partner for development, design, manufacture, assembly, installation and documentation. More than that, after installation we are at your disposal for education, periodical examination, maintenance and repair.

The longstanding expertise of IHF-JUNGENTHAL goes back to the engineering office founded in 1980.

In the material-handling sector we perform project development, construction, production and installation of new devices as well as maintenance and reparation of existing equipment. Investments in handling systems pay off regarding rationalization, improvement of workplace situation and ergonomics.

Our strength lies in the development and implementation of customized handling systems. We maintain the newest quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015.

In order to achieve a satisfactory result, we aim at a close collaboration with the customer. We like to meet on-site to discuss the task at hand including individual wishes and ideas, always sharing our suggestions with all involved.


Foundation of engineering office Herwig in Freudenberg (IHF)


Incorporation into the Jungenthal group in Kirchen/Sieg and change of name to IHF-JUNGENTHAL Handhabungstechnik GmbH


Takeover of VECTOR technology of Thyssen Fördertechnik


Acquisition of IHF-JUNGENTHAL Handhabungstechnik GmbH by the Seemann family

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